Spiffy VW Links

Here are some links to other VW sites:

The Frisian Volks Page
Stephen Morgan's Volkswagen Shrine "Have a chat to some of the people visiting the shrine"
Welcome to Henrik's VW Accessories Page (the English, and so far only version)
'Dubs-a-bongo Archive
The Volkswagen Zone
A fine picture of an old VW under a troubled sky (slow link)
Pim van Loon's Aircooled Volkswagen Index Page da ploon
The Sermons of Bob Hoover Tell Bob that AJ says 'Go fly a Volkswagen.'
Click on the kangaroo roadsign for Classic and Vintage Volkswagen Club of Australia
Vintage Volkswagen
Volkswagens in the UK
Volkswagen Bus Information
Late Model Bus Organization (LIMBO) Once a year they publish the 'Transporter Tourist and Travelers Directory (TTT)'. In it is a list of members throughout the country who can help if you have a problem while you are on the road. It saved Pam's lovely butt when she roached her engine down in Tennessee.

Käfer-Club Recklinghausen e.V.
Es war genau am 17. Januar 1988 in Recklinghausen Süd, als sich einige verrückte KäferfahrerInnen (gibt es eigentlich auch normale ?) dazu entschlossen haben einen Käfer-Club in Recklinghausen zu gründen.
Joe Clark's pop top and tent page.
John S Henry A man who isn't afraid of the keyboard.
Karmann Ghia World They'll tell you how to fix the dash
Click on the bumper sticker from The Doodle Bus
Tennessee Valley VW Association
Thom's VW Bus Page with Das Bulli Haus catalog and price lists for old bus sheet metal
Vintage Volkswagen Club of America (VVWCA).

Is this guy an old car aficianado or what! "If you've already linked to us, do me, and the world a favour and delete it. In the meantime, I suggest that you join or at least start some form of Luddite movement (look it up in the dictionary if you're not sure).
PS, do you still have your 286 or LC11 Mac, or decided to build something even slower yourself?. Could I suggest that you could buy an old Commodore 64 or Atari. Too fast and efficient still? Did they have steam driven Computers?
PS If you ever decide to row to Australia in your Curragh (an old model of course), give us a call on the old jungle drums.
Regards, Lindsay"

And - as you might guess - he doesn't have a non-frames version of Club VW Illawarra.

Glen's VW Site Check out the picture of Mario's girlfriend in gals.htm
Michigan Vintage Volkswagen Club
Milwaukee Area Volkswagen Club
Golden Gate Vintage Volkswagen Club
Wide Five Vintage Volkswagen Club
Zag's VW Page
Beetle's HomepageHow to tell the age of a beetle
Beetle Bits and Bobs
The October Collection: "Live Fast, Die Young, Leave a Good Beetle"
Thom and Kathy's Toy VWs
mouse's vw adventure "The wunderbus was the vehicle of choice for beer runs, dancing expeditions to Tenne in Aalen, and road trips. Everyone who ever got into it was infused with its good kharma; it was an unexplainable gently happy feeling."
Appalachian Volkswagen Association
From Wolfsburg With Love
An impressive set of VW links
Triplecharger for our friends in California who face confiscation of their VWs as Gross Polluters. If you buy one of these, give us a report.
Marnal Corp A parts catalog, a machine shop, exporter from Brasil and a complete set of VW links.
Southeast Ohio Vintage Volkswagen Club
Buggin' Ya'll From Dallas Check out the picture of Wanda. And there's dune buggy stuff, too....

www.andyvw.com/ "we b taking off on a part's trip so yall b sure and come back, andyvw part's not for sale just yet."

Care to peruse the classified ads of the San Francisco Chronicle? If you register with them (it's FREE), they'll show you how to search the classifieds database, and even E-mail you when that special something comes up for sale. Hoo hah!

Click here for the Akron Bacon Journal Car Classifieds

And the Seattle Times Classifieds has some surprisingly low prices. Road trip?


Dear Junk,

I though it would be appropriate to start a VW Page awards system. I see other pages (i.e. Sailor Moon, and others) with awards, and I thought, "why not, Im a pretty smart guy. So, I stole a picture and modified it with my award graphics and headed out for a cool page to give it to. Yours is the first! It actually is pretty hard to find a page where all the pictures work and the links to other pages actually get you there. I hope you post my award and maybe start an awards program yourself. Of course, to promote more hits to my little part of the Volkswagen Kingdom, when you post my award you could maybe href it to my page!