If you've got a box of VW parts, then you don't want to be a Locateur vendor so much as you want to click here to place a classified ad with your stuff in it.

But if you've got a LOT of parts, are a vendor, or run a Volkswagen-related business, then you might want to become a Locateur vendor. The Locateur averages 5 or 6 valid inquiries daily for all sorts of Volkswagen parts from people all over the world. Thats 150 a month, anyhow.

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How the Locateur Works
When a person fills out the Locateur form for a part, the information is posted to a private request file. This file is available over the internet only to Locateur vendors.

As a vendor, you would check the request file (probably daily), and if you see that someone is looking for a part that you have and want to sell, you would E-mail them directly with a description and price. Of course, more than one vendor may contact the prospective customer, but that's Free Enterprise in action.

Each sale is between you and the prospective customer. Locateur gets no cut.

After a week, each prospective customer will be contacted by the Locateur to see if their requests have been filled, and - if not - to see if they wish their parts request to be listed in the REVERSE classifieds.

The Advantage For You
How to sell your goods on the internet?

Or you can let the Locateur do the promotion and the work so you can concentrate on business.

The Locateur has other advantages. As everyone in business knows, the secret to success is making sure the customer will come back again and again.

Because all requests are followed-up within a week - even if no vendors have the requested parts for sale - the prospective customer is not "left hanging". At the very least, the parts request becomes a free entry in the REVERSE classifieds. This makes for more repeat business.

And a single Locateur request for a part may well result in a number of vendors contacting the prospective customer, so he knows that he can pick the best value and price from among them. Customers like this feature. It makes for more repeat business too.

The Archive
The Locateur saves all the requests for parts along with the E-mail address. How about sending a message to all the addresses that have mentioned the word "Westphalia" in parts requests?

How Do I Ship To Costa Rica?
In most locations of the United States, you can UPS a package up to 150 pounds. They have international service as well.

How Much Does It Cost?
You can be a Locateur vendor for $30 a month. Consider- the sale of one set of tail lights (windshield wiper motor, air filter housing) could pay for that month, and you Karmann Ghia guys can probably pay for FOUR months just by selling ANYTHING.

In addition, for an additional one time fee, your $30 a month can include your own website, with a link from the site page which means ALL the search engines will catalog your stuff.

Click here for further information, questions, or to find out how to sign up.

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